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My mission is to help women achieve empowering birth memories by providing unconditional support through the entire pregnancy, during labour and birth, and in the early parenting phase.


  • I decided before I even got pregnant that I wanted to have a natural birth and experience everything. I armed myself with lots of good books, hypnobirthing classes, a midwife and most importantly a doula. It can be overwhelming deciding who is going to help support you through this life changing experience but the moment I met Heidi, I knew she was the one. Her calming personality put me at ease immediately. Being a mom herself and experiencing natural births in a hospital and at home I knew she woud be able to guide me and arm me with the tools I would need, as well as my husband. She gave me helpful exercises to prepare my body, she gave tips to my husband to help ease the stress of the baby on my body. She was a phone call or text message away during my entire pregnancy. I also had Heidi come to my home as a post partum doula, and all the thoughtful things she was able to do for me was more then I could ask for. She let me sleep, I woke up to food prepared to eat and food prepped for meals later. I was able to go for a walk and she tided the house and rocked the baby. I would recommend her to everyone and look forward to having her support me through my next pregnancy.

    Terri Gortnar
  • Heidi attended the births of both of my sons, which couldn't have been more different. No matter the circumstances, her warmth and gentle demeanour were just what I needed during labour. She has such a calm presence and knows just what to say to provide comfort. Her consultations beforehand left me feeling confident and prepared, while her postnatal visits were exceedingly helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to any expectant new mom. Heidi has truly found her calling doing this work and it shows.

    Lisa Egan