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My name is Heidi Matthias


I am a doula supporting women in Newmarket and the Greater Toronto Area.

I believe the birth experience matters. It is a profound event in a woman’s life, and a positive memory of birth is a gift to last a lifetime.

My mission is to help women achieve empowering birth memories. I do this by providing unconditional support through the entire pregnancy, from labour and birth to postpartum care.

Let’s make your birth experience beautiful

Research suggests that infants in the womb are aware of mother’s emotions – both her joys and sorrows. It is so important for a woman to feel confident about her body’s ability to give birth.

When we are calm and relaxed—when we feel safe—birth goes beautifully.

I am here to do whatever it takes to make sure you feel safe and comfortable, allowing your body to do what it is so beautifully designed to do. By reducing stress, I am able to potentially decrease the need for medical interventions, such as: induction, caesarean section and the use of pain medication during labour.


I am a trained physiotherapist. My understanding of—and genuine confidence in—a woman’s perfect physiological design allows me to bring a calm, gentle demeanor to the birth room.

My support is unconditional and non-judgmental. We have so many options available to us as women. There should never be any guilt for the path you choose. The decisions you make as a mother and as a family are right for you, and will always be respected and honoured.

As a doula and mother of three, I’ve been through this experience countless times before. I know firsthand how important it is to have someone beside you, supporting you through the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

It is my utmost goal to assist you and your family to transition to parenthood feeling well informed, cared for, listened to, and empowered. The decision to have a child is the most significant decision we make in our lives. We are choosing to take the responsibility of bringing another life into the world, and caring for it. Those who feel good about the decisions they have made during pregnancy and birth continue to feel ready for the many important decisions which lie ahead as parents.

The experience of pregnancy—of carrying life—is something to be cherished. Birth is such a special and beautiful experience – it is truly amazing what our bodies are capable of doing. I want you to feel strong, confident, and comfortable during the most intimate and incredible experience of your life.

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