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As a doula, I accompany women and their partners or family during preparation for and at labour to help ensure an empowering and beautiful birth experience and transition to motherhood.

Drawing on my professional training, knowledge and experience, I provide information, as well as emotional and physical support to help you feel strong, confident and comfortable during the most intimate and incredible experience of your life.

My services include
  • Helping to create your ideal birth plan.
  • Providing reassurance and perspective to you and your partner.
  • Making suggestions for labour progress.
  • Helping with relaxation, massage, positioning and other comfort techniques.
  • Staying by your side throughout the entire labour (if requested), as well as a couple hours postpartum.
  • Sharing information and postpartum support in regards to breastfeeding and infant care.
  • Connecting you to helpful community resources.
  • Discussing an exercise program (if interested), drawing on my training in physiotherapy.
  • Providing light housework, meal preparation, laundry services, and hands-on support for future appointments as needed.

The Role of a Doula

In the past, our mothers, sisters and aunts were able to be there with us, guiding us through the birth and postpartum experience.

Now, our moms are busy working full-time jobs, or they live far away. We are having children later in life, and sometimes this means our own mothers are also aging and are unable to provide the same support.

Labour is an intense experience. As someone who has gone through this journey many times, I know how important it is to have someone beside you, anticipating your every need, and reminding you that you are not going through this by yourself.

With You Every Step of the Way

You are my priority. I am independent and self-employed, meaning I work directly for you, not your medical caregivers or hospital.


I will meet with you and your partner at least twice before labour to explore and discuss your priorities, as well as any fears or concerns. Together, we will discuss and develop your ideal birth plan, and how we might best work together.

We’ll talk about how you handle stress, and relaxation techniques. We’ll talk about comfort measures and positions for labour, discovering what makes you feel calm and at peace.

I’ll share information on breastfeeding – including the challenges you may encounter, and how to best prepare. And we’ll also discuss postpartum care, ensuring you have the support you need after birth.


As you get closer to your due date, I will continue to be in close contact by phone or email, helping you understand the cues of where you might be in the process, and ideas for what you can do. If you ask me to join, I will be there with you for the entire labour – holding your hand, breathing alongside you, and anticipating your every need – until your baby is born.


I am available to remain with you for a couple of hours postpartum to support with initial breastfeeding and answer any other questions or concerns, until your family is ready for your private time together. I am also there to answer any questions on the birth of your baby, and can be available to visit in the days following your baby’s birth to offer hands-on support at home, including light housework, meal prep, laundry and more.

The continuous emotional support a doula provides is one of the most important aspects of doula work. It is my utmost goal to assist you and your family in the transition to parenthood, ensuring you feel well informed, cared for, listened to and empowered.

Let me help you achieve a beautiful, empowering birth memory